Tricô - Abreviações e Técnicas (Inglês)

alt alternate
approx approximately
beg begin[ning]
blocking Information about blocking can be found here and here.
BO bind off [cast off]
cab cable
CC contrasting color
cn cable needle
CO cast on
cont continue[ing]
dec decrease[ing]
dpn double pointed needles[s]
foll follow[s][ing]
g grams
i-cord Using a double-point needle, CO sts as directed.
Next Row: Instead of turning work around to work back on the WS, slide all sts to other end of needle, switch needle back to your left hand, bring yarn around back of work, and start knitting the sts again. I-Cord is worked with the RS facing at all times.
Repeat this row to form I-cord. After a few rows, work will begin to form a tube.
inc increase[ing]
incl including
inst instructions
k knit
k tbl knit through back of loop
k2tog knit two together
kfb knit into front and back of stitch
m meter[s]
MB make bobble
MC main color
m1 Make 1 stitch: Insert left needle, from front to back, under strand of yarn which runs between last stitch on left needle and first stitch on right needle; knit this stitch through back loop.
1 stitch increased.
mm millimeters
mult multiple
opp opposite
oz ounces
p purl
p2tog purl two together
patt[s] pattern[s]
pfb purl into front and back of stitch
pm place marker
psso pass slipped stitch[es] over
rem remaining
  rep repeat
rev St st reverse stockinette stitch
RS right side[s]
rnd[s] round[s]
sc single crochet
SK2P slip 1 stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over
SSK slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together
SSP slip 2 stitches as if to purl, then purl those 2 stitches together
sl slip
slp slip one as if to purl
sl st slip stitch
st[s] stitch[es]
St st stockinette stitch
tbl through back of loop[s]
Three-Needle Bind Off Hold both pieces of knitting with right sides together.
Insert needle into first st on front needle and first st on back needle, and knit them together. *Repeat this for the next st on the front and back needles. Draw the first st worked over the second st.*
Repeat from * to * until all sts have been bound off. Break yarn and draw through remaining st.
tog together
WS wrong side[s]
w&t Wrap and turn. If yarn is at front of work, bring it between needles to back of work; if it at back of work, bring it between needles to front of work. Slip next st, and bring yarn between needles, returning it to its previous position. Turn work, to begin working next row.
On a subsequent row, when working a st that has been wrapped, slip the st to the right needle, use the left needle to pick up the wrap, slip the st back to the left needle and work the wrap and st together as one st.
YO yarn over
* * repeat directions between ** as many times as indicated